Contacting the 9CardGolf Developers

Reporting Issues and being notified

We are a small, energized, quality-driven team.   While we prefer you route email to our email address you may also contact Stephen, our lead developer, directly by sending email to  Stephen at  (Stephen sees all the email arriving at 9CardGolf, too...  ;-)

If you wouldn’t mind, please put “[9CardGolf] ” as the first characters of the subject line so it gets our attention quickly.  You may notice that we do this for you in all the email links on our support page as well as the email links within 9CardGolf.

If you have filed comments on our App Store page and would like us to follow-up we will keep you informed directly.  Use one of our support email links to tell us about the issue you’d like us to address and in that email tell us that you’d like to be notified.  Then when we are making changes relative to your issue or feedback,  we will send you a quick note as we release the changed version to the app store.

Occasionally we will want to talk with you directly to solicit your opinion on alternative solutions.  If you are willing to help us in this manner then please indicate in the same email you send that you are OK with our chatting with you about your report.  Then we will email you if and when we have questions.

Lastly, this is partially a community driven application. We foresee that, for example, there will be alternative rule forms in which some of you are interested.  As you indicate these to us the more popular will get implemented and we will chat with you about them and will notify you when they arrive...  We say this to indicate that we realize that this is game growing in popularity and that we are interested in more direct communication with you our 9CardGolf enthusiasts and supporters.  If you find this unusual, it may be, but we also hope you find it refreshing.

Lead 9CardGolf Developer
Iron Sheep Productions, LLC