9CardGolf Support links

To request help while in game do the following:

Generally speaking, to reach the 9CardGolf development team you want to send email about 9CardGolf to: 9CardGolf@ironsheep.biz  with subject  of "[9CardGolf] ...."


The following links launch your mail application with the above address and the subject line filled in for you:


- Ask questions about the game

- Suggest a new feature to the development team

- Send your comments, good or bad, to the development team

- Report a problem you are having with 9CardGolf so that we may fix it


- SPECIAL: Request to be added to our BETA Test Team - if you are on the team you get early access to all new revisions of 9CardGolf and get to help us ensure the new features are working well before we release the new features to the App Store!


1: From the main screen, tap on "Rules, Hints"

3: You now arrive at this screen with helpful buttons which start the mail application on the phone with our address and the subject line already filled in!


Oh, and you  can get to our website, our facebook page, our twitter page or even rate us at our App Store Page.


2: Then tap on "Contact Us"

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