Category: Card Games, Family, Strategy
Updated: 20 Dec 2021
Version: 2.4
Size: ~92 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Iron Sheep Productions, LLC

Rated 4+

A fun card game for players of all ages.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
(NOTE: plays as iPhone game on iPad).
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

Learned a variant form of this game?

In researching this game, we found that there are a number of variations. This version has a number of these variations selectable from Settings. However, if you or your family play yet another variation of 9-Card (e.g., different scoring, or rules) please let us know! It is likely we can add these changes to the game so you can play with rules you know.

[Links in the help section of the game or our support page at this site make it easy for you to submit requests!]

Upcoming Enhancements

This release is single player against the computer or two players playing using the same device (known as Pass-and-Play). We are planning an upgrade to multi-player in the future. You can expect to be able to play against your Game Center friends and maybe even your Facebook friends.

Your purchase and support of this game helps us get to a point where we have enough users to support the creation of the Full Multi-player game.

Thank you!
9CardGolf Development Team
Iron Sheep Productions, LLC


a fun card game for players of all ages


This is the 9-Card variant of the Game of Golf.  In this simple, fun game of matching cards players try to earn the lowest number of points (as in the sport of Golf) over the course of 9 or 18 hands (holes)!  Fun strategies come into play as you compete against computer players of various experience levels to improve your game. We have crafted this game so that play interaction feels like you are actually playing the card game.

In support of our 9CardGolf playing community, we have added requested variations of the game (match 3 vs. 2 cards, allow flip up of card in hand before replacing, or not) in addition to our fun experimental rules.

Brief Highlights:
- Play against a friend on the same device via "Pass and Play"
- Strengthen your own game play by practicing against one of our AI players
- Three levels of computer (AI) player: Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced
- Adjustable number of hands (play game shorter than 9 or 18 holes?)
- Full score-keeping system (view prior game score-cards and in-game card)
- Choices of table surfaces, card-backs, card-fronts and AI player speed
- Sound effects during game play (can be disabled)
- Enable/Disable experimental rules affecting game play
- Select from our rule variations making it the game you learned how to play
- Game Center Achievements and LeaderBoards when playing AI players
- Rules and current scores available in-game
- Getting Started video shows a full two-hand game while the Overview video shows additional features
- Setting up first Pass-n-Play seating video walks you throught your first two-player set up and start of game